Helping you provide lending solutions to your clients

About us

  • Support in business
  • State of the art, end-to-end software
  • Specialised resources
  • Competitive fee structure

We provide comprehensive financial solutions, which range from traditional mortgage broking for the residential and commercial property, through to the finance of motor vehicles and equipment.

So whether your clients are looking to purchase their first home, expand their property portfolio or buy a new car, your partnership with Finconnect, means you’ll be able to help them reach their goals.


Our partnership advantages

Finconnect members have access to our comprehensive lending and asset finance services, which are designed to add a new revenue stream to your business.

Benefits of joining for you

  • Diversify your revenue stream
  • Adding value to your client services
  • Training and support
  • Diverse range of lenders
  • Flexible partnership options to suit your business needs

Benefits for your firm

  • Deliver better services to your clients and drive a powerful new revenue stream for your business by matching tailored solutions to almost any residential, business or commercial lending need
  • Exposure to a range of lenders catering to both simple and complex lending needs, combined with competitive rates
  • Help to secure and build your customer relationships, so you’re their first choice’ lending specialist
  • Flexible options to maximise revenue, with the option to write the business directly as a Finconnect Credit Representative or refer to a Lending Manager in the network
  • Access to the Finconnect secure membership site and software to manage your clients’ loans
  • Marketing support so you can effectively promote these enhanced services to your client base

Benefits for your clients

  • Access to dedicated advice for all new purchases
  • Access to legal structures and advice on tax, capital expenditure and cash flow planning
  • The ability to choose from a range of competitively priced lending solutions that can be made to measure differing needs